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The website wasn’t much at the time, just a few sentences organized into topic areas that laid out the arguments for the concept.

Matt Drudge’s eponymous “Report” is most famous for breaking the Monica Lewinsky story, but the site rarely posts news of its own.

The latter’s been around since 1995, an online dating service whose inception in 1993 was originally to distribute online classified ads for newspapers.

But that quickly shifted to helping people make screened and interests-matched interpersonal connections, culminating in a service that today operates in 25 countries and boasts tens of millions of members.

Though hounded across the globe by lawsuits, domain seizures and criminal investigations, the site somehow persists and remains a flashpoint for debate over the virtues and perils of peer-to-peer file sharing.

Created by “father of the web” Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 at the CERN research center in Switzerland, ch isn’t much to look at today.

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The web, or “world wide web” as we used to say, turns 27 years old on December 20.

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