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Shamel videos sex fhame the

How would the JVicked Ones rejoice, And Infidels exalt their voice. If M — E and Plaviibii urcre founds Byfiadowszvr^dy to quk their ground ? Can point out, as he goes alop^, (And who Ihall dare to fay he's wrong ? At prefent, never more than glow) Was in the Town or Country caught. The Man, who deals in humble Profe, Tied down by rule and method, goes THE GHOST But they who court the vigorous Mu&» Their carriage have a right to chu&. Swift as the motions of the Mind^ The Poet darts frorp place to place» . Ran murmuring upwards to their fource ; Statues wept tears of bloody as fad As when a Ci ESAR breath M his laft ; Hories, which always us*d to go, A foot-pace in my Lord Mayor^s Sbow^ Impetuous from their Stable broke. Form, City-horn^ and City-bred^ By ftridb Decorum ever led.

How would Fools laugh, fliould it appear Po MPOso was the Qbvc of Fear Pcriflithc thought! earl and Lintn hangs each thorn ; When happy Bards, who can regale Their Mufc with country air and ale. K r When 226 T H E G H O S When «|y Lordnks tothc Chacc, ' And braway Chaplaio takes his place. And inftant bounds o^er Time and Spapc* Nature (whilft blended fire and (kill Inflame our paffiona to his will) Smiles at her violated La^s^ And crowns his dariqg with applaufe* Should there be ftill fome rigid few. And with his brethren of the iky Defcend to earth, and frilk about. He would be found, with all his ho&j A nine days Wonder at the moft. Who threefcore years^had known the grace Of one^ dully ftiffy unvaried pace ; Terror prevailing over Pride, Was feen to take a larger ftride ; Worn to the bone, and cloath'd in sags.

Go ogle This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. But let not Youth/ to infolence allied, [n heat of blood, in full career of pride, Poflcfs'd of Genius, with unhallow M rage. The grcatcft Geniits to this Fate may bow 5 Reynolds, in time, may be like Hogarth now. And whether all thofe years fliall flow Serenely fmooth, and free from woe. That things below at random rove, Yi Thilfl: they're confulting^ things above j T H E GHOST. To Egypt from Chaldee it travcll'd, And Fate at Memphis was unravcll'd, Th*exotic Science foon ftruck root. Nobles themfelves, for at that time Knowledge in Nobles was no crime. From Bampfield Carew, to Moll Sqcjires^ M % 16 4 T H E G H O S T. Can Ihcw the readied way to lofc it ; Gypsies, who ev*ry ill can cure, Except the ill of being poor. As eafily as pick a pocket ; Scotchmen who, in their Country's right, Poflefs the gift of fecond-Jigbtj Who (when their barren heaths they quit. Among the reft, in former years, Campbell, illuftrious name, appears, Great Hero of futurity.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. * Should he from toils of government retire, " And for a moment fan the poet's fire, " Should he, of fciences the moral friend, " Each curious^ each important fearch fufpend, ^ " Leave unaffifted Hill of herbs to tell. "Where a beginning, middle, and an end Are aptly joined; where parts on parts depend, Hach made for each, as bodies for their Ibul, So as to fbrm one trae and perfeft whole. Which we conceive the moment we behold, Hogarth unrivall'd ftands, and ihall engage Unrivall'd praife to the moft diftant age. And tread that path which Nature bad Thee Ihun f Why did ambition overleap her rules. T H B O H O S Or could he not, fomc way difpenict \f help of which (with QUt ofience ?A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. 155 Moft rank IB-aatwc muft applaud thy art j But even Candour muft coodema tby heart* For Mc^ who warm and zealous for my Frieii4 In fpite of railing thoufands^ will conuneiid» . How muft ill-boding horrors fill her breaft When She beholds Men, mark'd above the reft For qualities moft dear, plung'd-from that height. Are Men, indeed, fuch things, and are the beft More fubjeft to this evil, than the reft. Hence, ev*ry place and cv'ry age Affords fubfiftence to the Sage, Who, free from this world and its cares. At its firft rile, which all agree on, This noble Science was Chaldean^ That ancient people, as they fed Their flocks upon the mountain's head, Gaz'd on the Stars, obferv*d their motions. Hence all the fortune-telling Crew, Whofc crafty (kill marrs Nature's hue. Dodona's Oaks, infpir'd by Jove, A learned and prophetic Grove, Turn'd vegetable Necromancers, And to all comers gave their anfwers ; At Delphos, to Apollo dear. 16$ Fortunes of Empires often hung On the Magician Magpie's tongue. Always dealt out the will of Heaven, According to what price was given. In common ufe with all mankind) Carels*d and favoured too by thofe, Whofc heart with Patriot feelings glows. Still place their native Country firft ; (For Englishmen alone have fenfc. Farther he*d know (and by his art A conjurer can that impart) T H E G H OS Whether politer it is reckoned To have or not to have a fecond.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. And, no Icls warm tealout 'gainft my foes Spite of commeiidingthoulands, will oppofe^ I dare thy worft, idth kom behdd thy nige» But with an eye of Pity view thy Age ; Thy feeble Ag^» in which, as in a glafi. Thou wri Ubid Beings whom, on Reaftm's plaii» So chang'd^ fi loft, I cannot call a Man, What could perfuade Thee, at this time of life^ To launch afrefh into the Sea of Strife ? To drivel out whole years of Ideot Breath, And fit the Monuments of living Death ? Abafing Thought, but not to be denied 1 With curious Art the Brain too finely wrought. Holds an acquaintance with the Stars, From whom he gains intelligence Of things to come fome ages hence. All men the voice of Fate might hear ; Each fubtlc Prieft on three-legg'd ftool. And ev'ry Crow was to the State A fure interpreter of Fate. Of Scottish race, in Highlands bom, Poflefs'd with native pride and fcorn. To give a fir anger preference, Whilft modeft merit of their own. To drag the friends in, or alone To make the danger all their own ; W^hether repletion is not bad, ^d fighters with full ftomachs mad ; Whether before he feeks the plain, ft were not well to breathe a vein j Whether a gentle falivation, Conflftently with reputation.tbo* to ooreycs «^ In all its terrors (liould rift, " Tho- thouland Ghofts, ia dmd array^ With glaring eye? for tbrice in air The Spirit of the Night hath fneez'd^ And tbrice hath clap*d his wings well-pleas'd: Descend then Truth, and guard thy fide My Mufe^ my Patrtmefs^ and Guide! And feek by falfities for fame ; Our Story wants not, at this time. Ramble afield, to Brooks and Bow'rs, To pick up Sentiments and Flow Ws%. Who Vec^ propriety in view, Whofe heads turn round, and cannot bear This whirling paffage thro' the Air, Free leave have fuch at home to fit. See Avarice clofer hug his bags; With her own weight unwieldy grown.foails,^ croft our wsljj Tho' Caution, trem Uing^ ftands aloo^ Still we will on, and dair die proof,^ They faid ; and without finrdier &alt^ Dauntlefs march M onward to the VAxn. Flounces and Furhuloes in Rhime : Relate plain Fafts ; be brief and bold ; And let the Poets, fam'd of old. In vain to find a Parallel : Silent All Three went In, about All Three tvrn'd Silent, and Came Out. And write a Regimen fer Wit ; To clip our pinions let them try. Sec Ci^EDi T totter on her Throne; Viti TUE alone, had She been there. Up from the gorgeous bed, where Fate Dooms annual^ Fools to fleep in ftate.

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At Iriendfhifs fummons will my Whkes retreat, And fee, once feen bejore^ that antitnt feat. That ancient (eat, where majefty difplay M Tier enfigns, long before the world was made f Mean narrow maxims, which enflave mankind^ Ne'er from its bias warp thy fettled mind. ay, doft Thou know one man (let that appear, rom wilful falfhood I'll proclaim thee clear) ne man ib loft, to Nature fb untrue, •om whom this gen'ral charge thy raihnels drew ? When Rancopr found it far beyond her reach To foil his honour, and his truth impeach. Where manly Foes had blufli'd to fliew their face, . Should we drink Helicon quite dry, Th' whole fountain would not thither lead So loon as one poor jug from Tweed i Wbc^ if to raife poetic fire. That flic augments their grief and paiiu^ Leaving no reafon to complain* Old Maids and Rakei ate join'd togetber^ Coquettes and Prudis^ like April weather. And after death, as whilil they liire, A heart is all which Beaux can gire.

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