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Sex uebecam online bara do grasa mt

Mourner Wael Sharif, a soft-spoken 40-year-old office monager, shook his head when asked whether Arafat could clamp a lid on the dashes, as he has often proved able to do in the past.

“It makes no difference now what Arafat says,” said Sharif.

1-16 Community .13 Dear Abby ..14 Crossword .;.14 • Movies ; . Eden farmer and rancher Rob Rogerson is a member of the No ll^ng-yet-A2 About sage grouse - A6 Pleasant , Valley Grazing Assodation.

.2 Idaho/West .4-7 BY SECTION Section D Classlhed .1-20 Section E • Features .. Page Bl Nurtt Btog tethers: Fatherhood ' Wu the Object of discussion - . Page C2 Opinion RUM on: A chamber commit- tee has hit on a good strategy ■ i MD^c Vall^ economy, today% editorial says. Nev., this summer induded private grazing lands managed as sage grouse habitat.

M long as he is seen as standing in solidari- into summit, Palestinian fury mounts after hijack ^ ; I '• r Fatah gunman Majed Al Bazbaz 26.

taachaa two of hla eight children how to fire an M-16 at part of a training couraa offend In the outaklrta of the Paleitinlan refugee camp of Balata near the Weat Bank town of Nablut Saturday.

Clinton will attend summit Knigit Ridder Newt Service CAIRO - After a marathon diplomatic effort by world lead- ers, Israel and the Palestinians agreed on ^mrday (o meet face to face at a U. Hi Lo W 60 40 I 68 39 pc 60 33 a 68 38 pc 60 44 pc 56 40 • 62 30 a 58 36 s 87 35 pc 00 etiy. REBATE ON CREDIT CARD Visit om li Mu l Mlls PM . .iis'r.iki-n-l'er\vei-ir‘»' I H -oo .111.1 elose.l iiefnie 12- l U/Oll, One eu'1^ r.

Codisgrcatl)" -hurried_ strai^t from the cemetery to the dty center to face off with Israeli troops yet a^n.

But It is not only young hot- heads who arc eager to continue the battle.

“If the enemy keeps killing us, we will surely strike back.

We must strike back.” The carnage of the past 17 days has left the Palestinian leader in a quandary.

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A ttwephefder walk to view sheep ’ ■ ' herder co Mngs on trees will toko placo botw Mn 2 and p.m. Sni) or more, I’iik np .i nesv eh, nr Ihr \oiir living room, t 'v hike ge.n lo thiow in tlie h.u k ol sour • lu-M

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