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Heavy metal camsex

You can fix this error by upgrading your Connector/ODBC driver to version 3.51.02 or higher.

NET with Connector/ODBC, while fetching empty string (0 length), it starts giving the If these strategies do not help, start by making a log file from the ODBC manager (the log you get when requesting logs from ODBCADMIN) and a Connector/ODBC log to help you figure out why things go wrong.

If you are still experiencing problems, use the Connector/ODBC mailing list; see Section 9.1, “Connector/ODBC Community Support”.

Connector/ODBC under Unix or Linux is not compatible with direct application linking.

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The essence of the problem is that IDb Context Factory was going to be called from multiple environments with multiple configurations and my basic implementation didn’t know how to handle that.

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