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Interview: Glam Overboard 2010-08-18 When glam popsters Slade released a movie in 1974, they were widely assumed to have made a Hard Days Night-style lark.In fact Slade In Flame was an acid-bath satire of the music industry. Interview: Girl Talk 2010-06-30 A documentary about the life experiences of ordinary Irish women?Tara Brady has a rare audience with the film’s director, hipster guru Spike Jonze.Interview: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Anne 2010-03-04 Honorary Irish actress Anne-Marie Duff talks to Tara Brady about her new movie, Imagine This, which takes a fascinating look at the formative years of one of the most iconic musicians of all time, John Lennon.But the filmmaker remains nonplussed by the reaction. Film: She's Out Of My League 2010-06-15 A dull and dull-witted bromance, the film is too cheesy for any respectable bloke, too patronising for the ladies and too slight for all but the most intellectually challenged organisms.Film: The Killer Inside Me 2010-06-15 Dark, twisted and ultra-violent, Michael Winterbottom’s reworking of Jim Thompson’s psychotic noir may be the most faithful adaptation of the cult novelist’s material to ever grace our screens. 2010-06-15 Hollywood craziness, celeb culture gone mad and Gallic joie de vivre collide head on at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.

Like the director’s previous masterworks, Delicatessen and Amelie, the film showcases his celebrated visual style.

Interview: Spirit Chaser 2010-04-15 He was one of Britain’s most famous journalists. Now Robert Harris’s most political novel yet has inspired a film, in which the central protagonist bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain ex-British prime minister with a messianic gleam in his eye.

Interview: Waltzing With Tilda 2010-04-14 Longtime arthouse darling and aristo scion Tilda Swinton turns out to be an old democratic socialist at heart, abeit one who laments the passing of cinematic melodrama.

Tara Brady catches up with Ireland’s one and only natural born movie star.

Interview: Into the Wild 2010-03-04 Several years in the making, the eagerly anticipated Where The Wild Things Are - an adaptation of the bestselling children’s book by Maurice Sendak - has finally arrived.

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Curator, Pynchon nut, critic and president of the Dublin Film Critics Circle, Tara Brady has been lurking around Dublin’s cinemas for so long she has her own seat in most of them.